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Welcome | Outlaw Trail Ultra Half Marathon

Many of you have likely heard of an ultra marathon, what is an ultra half marathon? Well, an ultra marathon is anything longer than 26.2 miles, a ultra half marathon is anything longer than a 13.1 miles (it makes sense in our mind). Don’t worry though, the Outlaw in only about 1.4 miles longer than a true half marathon; no need to sweat. We love running trails and want to share one of our favorites with you. There is nothing better than “mostly” gradual downhill ultra half marathon to introduce people to the trials. Whether you are new to running, new to trials, or an experienced ultra-trail runner, this course is fun and beautiful.

Our Goal

Challenge and help everyone who desires it to run at least one trail ultra marathon in their lives, the Outlaw is a race that introduces runners to the trail with a shorter distance and easier elevation profile.


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Nitty Gritty Details

Date: Saturday August 13th, 2016

Start Time Runners: 8:00am

Start Time Hikers/Walkers (those hiking/walking the entire course): 7:30am

REGISTRATION COSTS: Sign up early, costs go up on June 21. Registration also includes a unique running shirt and a post race meal.

February 1- June 27 (Solo): $55.00  – a processing fee will be added by the registration company.

June 28 – August 6th (Solo): $70.00 – a processing fee is added by the registration company.

February 1 – August 6th (Team): $200.00  – a processing fee will be added by the registration company.


Location: Overflow parking area just south of Diamondfield Jack Campground. 28 miles south of Hansen, ID (near Twin Falls, ID) on Rock Creed Rd. 1.5 miles south of Magic Mountain Ski Area. Take first right after the Diamondfield Jack Campground entrance (just 0.15 miles apart).

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Race is capped at 400 runners for both individual and team

Team Info

TEAM RULES: Each member runs the entire course.  Each teams ranking will be determined based on finishing position. In each category, the team with the lowest score wins. Pretty rad, huh!

Full Team Info


This is a point to point mostly downhill run starting high up at the Diamondfield Jack Campground and running north down to the Third Fork Campground.

The first 3 miles takes place on a the Deadline Ridge Road, a rough jeep/ATV trail; the final 10+ miles are on sweet single-track trail.

The name of the race “The Outlaw” refers to Diamondfield Jack who was considered one of the area’s first outlaws. Click here to read a quick summary of his life. The start of the race takes place at Diamondfield Jack Campground.



Get a discount and enter a drawing for a special prize when you register for both The Outlaw and one of the Beaverhead Endurance Runs. We will cross check the entrant lists for both events and if we see you on both lists we will send you check for $10. Also, those who enter both events will be entered into drawing to win a special running-related prize.  The prize will be presented at the finish line of the Outlaw Trail Half Marathon.

Race Proceeds

$10 per registered runner will be donated to the Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee to connect the Snake River canyon rim trail in Twin Falls, ID from the Evil Kninevel jump site to the Eastland/Poline corner.  This will connect the entire rim trail!!!  In April, 2016 approval for the trail was given.  Now the committee needs to raise money to cover the costs. Running the Outlaw will be awesome and at the same time you are raising money to help connect the trail. Also runners are encouraged to donate a needed item at the start of the race to go to the Valley House Homeless Shelter.

I had such an amazing experience! Everything was perfect, thanks for putting on such a great race! Not sure how you managed to pull the weather off, but it was perfect!

-Kristy Hill


Call if you are experiencing any foot pain while running. http://www.idahofoot.com/

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